The Daisy Yellow Zine is a digital publication packed with essays on art + creativity, articles about art journaling and lots of colorful eye candy.
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All about dealing with the times when the muse is off on a cruise and you are stuck without any creative ideas. A digital magazine with colorful artwork & essays about art journaling + creativity. [23 pages]

Tips and ideas for approaching and successfully tackling this daily creative challenge, including imagery from my handmade 3x5" index card artwork collection. Helpful tips for first-time challengers and repeat ICADeers alike. Content is completely different than the 100+ Idea Zine! [26 pages] 


Ideas for small format art on a simple base, the index card. A curated collection of my handmade 3x5" index card artwork, with 101+ unique, actionable ideas for doing art in a small format. [28 pages]

Daisy Yellow Zine #14
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Articles about the elusive concept of artistic style {and why I'm not worried about finding it}, tips for making your journal pages your very own, keeping track of creative ideas, toying with negative space, a love of writing that began with the humble typewriter, why I draw mandalas in pen, journal prompts galore. A digital magazine with colorful artwork & essays about art journaling + creativity. [23 pages]

Daisy Yellow Zine #15
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Articles in this issue. * Always Something to Write About by Guest Artist Marit Barentsen * Thoughts About Being an Artist * Dive Into Mixed Media Embroidery Experimentation by Guest Artist Hanna Andersson * Encyclopedia Art by Guest Artist Fran Halperin * Sketchy Structures * Carry On With or Without the Muse * 12 Fantabulous Writing Topics * 33+ Objects to Add Paint, Ink, Patterns & Texture to Your Pages * A digital magazine with colorful artwork & essays about art journaling + creativity. [23 pages]


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