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A wide variety of painting, drawing, brainstorming, and collage techniques to both add depth and expand your creative practice. My workshops are playful, open-ended, and wildly colorful experiences where you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of flexible techniques designed to spark creativity.

Four yummy art journaling workshops open for registration!
Online & Self-Paced & 24/7 Access

"You will learn to enjoy the process...
and to surrender your need to control the result.
You will discover the joy of practicing your creativity.
The process, not the product, will become your focus."
Julia Cameron

Daisy Yellow Workshops https://daisyyellowart.com

Got questions? Email me!

tammy [dot] daisyyellow [at] gmail [dot] com

Art Journaling Workshops

Daisy Yellow Tiny Adventure Workshop
65.00 79.00

Creating peaceful, playful abstract patterns in watercolor or gouache.
➸ 5+ hours of video content.
➸ Private workshop website.
➸ Workshop access thru 12/31/21.
©2019 Tammy Garcia

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Daisy Yellow Tiny Museum Workshop

Painting peaceful, playful abstract designs & patterns working in watercolor or gouache.
➸ 3.5 hours of video content.
➸ Private workshop website.
➸ Workshop access thru 12/31/20.
©2019 Tammy Garcia

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Mixed Media
Art Journaling Workshops

Daisy Yellow Groovy Grunge Workshop

Explore the groovy world of mixed media art journaling in a hardback book following a fresh, playful approach. I'll share with you ideas for creatively building art journal pages with all of your yummy collage papers with heavy body acrylic paints.
➸ 3.5+ hours of video content.
➸ Private workshop website.
➸ Workshop access thru 12/31/21.
©2019 Tammy Garcia

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Daisy Yellow Novel Approach Workshop

Explore mixed media art journaling in a hardback book with a fresh, playful approach. I'll share ideas for building art journal pages with collage papers + heavy body acrylic paints.
➸ 2 hours of video content.
➸ Private workshop website.
➸ Workshop access thru 12/31/21.
©2018 Tammy Garcia

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Please Read
”Know Before Registering”

peek into my mixed media journals!

Each book that I select for journaling or altering has something that pulls me in... that's my starting point. It might be the vibe or mood or shape of the book, the feel of the paper, the images, the fonts or all of the above. As I work, gradually the book is transformed into something altogether different. I try to see the book as a whole rather than a set of discrete items. Each altered book is a project with components | compartments | subsets | layers | ideas | colors | images | words | thoughts | ideas | textures | concepts | experiments | tests | etc.

You can also find the flip-thru video at YT.  Read more about this journal!

Workshop participant feedback!

"I LOVE the art I've made for Tiny Museum. I've bought more watercolor journals because it's such a lovely medium and I just want to keep doing more! I love how Tammy puts her workshops together - everything is very clear and easy to follow and she provides great feedback. The video tutorials are wonderful - they're beautifully produced and an absolute joy to watch." Rebecca

"That lady could motivate a snail to stand up and do the tango! Watercolor and gouache are certainly dancing together in my journal as I work through the many videos in this class. I'm sure everyone has their own approach but I enjoy working while listening to the videos, listening and following along very loosely while Tammy describes what's she's doing. Her enthusiasm is contagious and helps cut through the painful haze I am swimming through every day." Michelle

"A warm-up grid where I focused on exploring the relationship of water & paint, not so much on patterns. For me it was about noticing the tiny interactions between colors, how the paint hits the water. This was incredibly relaxing to do!" Patricia

"Labor Day I had the house to myself {heaven} and had so much fun playing with the inspiration grids. I could keep going forever. Color and pattern are my happy place." Carlene

"The workshop offers a fantastic chance to really play, and enjoy the messy process, as well as developing new skills and using different materials." N

"I have loved making pages for each lesson in the workshop, learning something great from each and just plain having fun! I still have more ideas to play with and that's a great thing about having extended access to the workshop. The time frame and the build up of techniques allows me the room to let it all evolve. I highly recommend your workshops for their laid back ease and generous inspiration." C

"You have certainly found your calling in teaching these classes - please keep it up!" K

"Thanks, Tammy for such a wonderful & positive experience in your Watercolor Playground and Painted Paper Paradise workshops. As a loyal member of Daisy Yellow for quite some time, I am always inspired by your work, your talents and your ability to teach, coach & mentor in a way that is easy to follow and understand, no matter the difficulty of the technique to be conquered. I will continue to recommend any of your workshops with high marks!" 

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed doing these pages. My only other attempt at doing watercolor was based on learning from a book, and it was so abysmal I put it away and never got back to it. Thank you so much for these brilliant ideas/exercises, Tammy! I am hooked on watercolors."

"Thank you for making watercolor fun! I was getting too stressed trying to get things to come out like the original picture in other watercolor books. I wish I started with this class first before trying to learn from books."

"I am a BIG fan of Tammy's Novel Approach and Groovy Grunge classes! Well worth the investment as I have used many of the techniques I learned in art pieces I created afterwards. I find I often go back and repeat specific exercises that I really love. But it doesn't stop there! I get so inspired by what my new class "mates" come up with - so many creative takes on Tammy's original ideas. I recently took another online class by another instructor and was constantly comparing them to Tammy - she wins hands down for well planned, structured and awesomely delivered classes." Julie

"Tammy, you created such a delightful and fun class for us to learn in and I now have a new "love"!!! Thanks so much for sharing your passion with us all!! It has been so refreshing."

"Tammy's workshops are pure delight - she is very thorough in her approach and always leads you down wonderful and imaginative paths. I highly recommend them!" Patricia

"I find Tammy Garcia's online workshops to be very organized and so inspiring. Full of the details I need, but with the freedom and permission to be me. Tammy inspires me to try so many things I would not try on my own and she attracts a lot of fun & creative people to her workshops. It is a joy to participate!" Lenna

"This was such a fun workshop that I am going to do it again." Jane

"Thanks so much for adding these extra lessons. What a fun class this has been, and it keeps on going! I must go make some little journals!" Debbie

"Thank you so much for all the extra lessons. Lots of good ideas and I especially liked the tiny journals. I've really enjoyed the entire workshop!" Donna

"What I love about your videos so far, is that because I have a smidgen of knowledge I love how your exercises are teaching us basic steps of controlling the paint without making it boring.  We end up with something that is cool to look at and can be used.  I don't know if teaching comes easy for you but I would say that you definitely have a knack for sharing in a creative and interesting way!  I have learned a ton just watching your videos and can't wait until I dip my brush into water and some beautiful paint.  Now maybe I will get those expensive paints I bought out and take them for a spin."

"I love Tammy’s class because it’s focusing on the creativity process rather than how to create a specific product. There is good instruction on the techniques she features while being very open-ended. It’s been easy to incorporate these ideas into my work without feeling like I’m copying or recreating hers. The techniques are adaptable to a variety of materials and I find myself combining the things I learned in different lessons." K

"I have never had any formal art training and have always felt deficient for this, and also a yearning to study art. Your tutorials are simple to understand and follow, you give clear and practical guidance and all videos are professional and fun to watch. The system you've developed of sharing and supporting work via the FB page is an excellent way of gaining insight into others techniques, styles and interpretations of projects you suggest. Emphasis is put on the process, practise encouraged and also exploration. You teach vital skills to understand the properties, potential and limitations of working with water colour and emphasise the delight of discovery and free expressive painting. I feel indebted to you, as you reignited my creative flame and gave me an outlet for this vital self expression." A

“All 42 pages of my altered book have art on them. All of the techniques taught in Groovy Grunge/Novel Approach appear at least twice and the influence of Tiny Museum (done in a separate book) included. While there are pages that need collaging and/or grungifing, the book is essentially complete. It represents a year's effort that makes me smile when I page through the altered book. Thank you!” Theresa

"Wow, wow, wow!! These exercises are absolutely magical!!" Sooz

"Tammy's ability to inspire creative experiments has always been a path for me to carve out time and space for my personal artistic expression. I view the course videos to keep me on-track with my own creative experiments even if I don't actually create the assignment." Teresa

"This fun workshop is reasonably priced for the lessons, encouragement and new-found friendships I've developed with other women all over the world and I highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of how much or how little your experience in this field." Barb

"I can totally recommend Tammy's workshops, she is so giving of herself, her ideas and techniques - and they are such FUN!" Jo

"I love the class as all the lessons are there and you can work at your own pace, dipping into them randomly. If you're interested, join in!" Frieda

"I’ve learned ever so much and enjoyed every minute of it – as well as everyone else’s work – hurrah!" Julie

"I’ve been a fan and follower of Tammy/Daisy Yellow for many years and recently completed her Watercolor Playground Workshop. Tammy has a fun and playful style of teaching. She manages to make you feel like YOU can do this. I’ve always felt intimidated by watercolors-but after taking Tammy’s class-the apprehension has been kicked to the curb! (and I love the music she plays during a time lapse segment) Thank you Tammy-for creating this class and sharing your passion and inspiration. It’s contagious :)  You are a treasure!"

"I've loved this course, thank you so much." Rebecca

"I really enjoyed this exercise and I am finding that the exercises are really helping me to practice mixing my paint with water to get the right intensity of colour."

"I loved doing this and find using watercolours oh so relaxing! I know I will be using this technique A LOT in my journalling to come. I love the rawness and roughness of your work Tammy." 

"Your class was like no other I've taken. Maybe because I was so keen on learning how to paint with watercolors, and you really instructed us! I learned so much."

A little about Tammy

My favorite art forms? Art journaling, collage, abstract gouache painting, sewing paper, and drawing. In 2012, I launched my first mixed media art journaling workshop and have developed a wide variety of online, self-paced art journaling & creativity workshops, including 3 teaching gigs at 21 Secrets. My artwork has been published in the book A World of Artist Journal Pages, with articles & artwork published in Featuring Magazine and Create Mixed Media. 

When my kids were little, I started doing art - mostly drawing and mixed media collage - to pass time spent at places like the aquatic center, the carpool line, on airplanes, etc. Driven by curiosity and a desire to figure out how things work, I taught myself a bunch of different art forms. My focus has consistently been on the process of creating art rather than creating pretty things.

Gradually I realized that art is something crucial to my well-being. And if an analytical like me can let go of rules and structure and create free-form art, you can too! Daisy Yellow was launched in 2008, about a year after I started art journaling. And just about every single day, for a decade, I’ve been doing creative stuff like drawing in ink, painting in a variety of mediums, making collages, snapping photographs, writing zines, blogging, developing workshops, and kind of sort of writing a novel [work-in-process].

Since 2011, I have facilitated the annual 61-day global Index-Card-a-Day Challenge which runs June & July each year. We just finished the 9th challenge! This free experience helps artists instill, reboot, and refresh their daily art habit!

Know Before Registering

Workshops are shared with you via video tutorials, examples, and written materials on a private workshop website. All of the material is self-paced with 24/7 access so that you can work whenever it is convenient for you. 

Got questions? Email me!

tammy [dot] daisyyellow [at] gmail [dot] com

The work that you create is your own work. It would be wonderful and kind of you to attribute the idea source to a Daisy Yellow workshop, so that others can find my workshops and I can make more of them!

Facebook Groups Your workshop may include access to a dedicated FB group [see below ⬇️]. Tammy actively answers questions @ the techniques, materials, and tools used in each workshop. You’ll find a community of creatives, additional content, resources, links, examples, a space to show your work and see how others interpret the ideas.

What Facebook Groups are open now? Currently I’m offering a dedicated group for Tiny Adventure.

Videos & Website. To access the content, you'll need basic computer skills, a high speed internet connection, the ability to login to a website using a userid/password, and the ability to navigate a website. The videos are hosted at Vimeo and are not downloadable although access to my workshops spans many years so you’ll have lots of time to watch!

Workshop Refunds. Workshops are refundable [if] you email me within 72 hours of purchase [and] you have not yet logged into the workshop website. In that event, I will refund your payment in full.

Workshop fees are for one participant. Access cannot be shared or transferred. My workshop FB groups are open to age 18+, using individual [non-shared] accounts; FB account must be in the name of an individual not a company. Group members may post art created as part of the workshop and must adhere to the rules of each group.

Technical Support. The workshop website has been used for many years and works extremely well. I'm happy to help you with password issues but please know that I do not provide technical support. Safeguard your password - I can reset your password if needed, but if this happens repeatedly there will be a small fee.

Got questions? Email me!

tammy [dot] daisyyellow [at] gmail [dot] com

About expiration dates

Workshop expiration dates.

12/31/21: Tiny Adventure, Novel Approach, Groovy Grunge
12/31/20: Tiny Museum

These workshops have expired after many years of availability.

12/31/18: The Circle
12/31/17: Painted Paper Paradise
12/31/17: Watercolor Playground

Each year, I evaluate the content of each workshop, and decide whether to extend the expiration. Most have been extended for multiple years. I have made the decision not to offer forever access because it is impossible to guarantee something like that, folks. The reality is that technology changes, website hosting services change terms, hard drives & back-up hard drives crash.

Further, my ability to support the workshops can change and I want to provide the best possible experience for each of you.

Please read this part

Participants may not teach or redistribute the content of Daisy Yellow workshops in any format. Participants may not publish or share content that Tammy posts in the FB group elsewhere. Content refers to everything on the workshop website, including but not limited to, photographs, descriptions, excerpts, videos, and artistic techniques. You may not reproduce the process steps or content, or share screenshots except for your own private use.

Workshop content Copyright ©2011-2019 Tammy Garcia. Registration does not convey copyrights. Please know that I am an independent artist and put an incredible amount of time, energy & love into developing unique content. As such, I pursue copyright violators.