Floating ink, in theory

You know how musicians riff on the guitar or writers interpret short writing prompts? Part of the process of making really looks quite fumbly to outsiders. To generate ideas and designs, creative people have to mess about, juggle ideas, and rehearse possibilities. It takes some level of “not knowing” [and refining] and being OK with that uncertainty WELL INTO the process. So developing lyrics + captivating chord progressions is usually not automatic or instantaneous. At least that is what I’ve gleaned from a variety of podcasts.

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inkDaisy Yellow
The gouache journal is a wrap!

“You don’t think your way to creative work.
You work your way to creative thinking.”
George Nelson

Well folks, I don’t know the trick but I keep showing up every day and the carousel of ideas keeps flowing and I’m cool with that. And the funny part? I think I’ve named this journal but I cannot remember! So it’s “the gouache journal” until I think of something else.

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gouacheDaisy Yellow
From the Index-Card-a-Day Vaults

Howdy friends! So many of YOU clever people have participated in the ICAD Challenge for YEARS and so I thought it would be fun to give you a little behind-the-scenes tour of some of the things I do to get our annual office supply party 👯‍♀️↪️🎬✴️🖼📇🖍 started each summer! Or winter, for folks across the globe! 

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