Art Journaling 101: Revised!

new readers often seek information about creativity and art journaling -— MANY years ago, I created Art Journaling 101 as a starting point for readers to find key resources from the archives of Daisy Yellow. I update the post about 2x per year and this was the week for AJ101, switching out photographs, adding links to popular posts, plus updated most of the post with my Go-To Art Journaling Materials.

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Inktober: Looking Back!

The leaves are still bright & bouncy and school just started again… yet here we are, scheming + dreaming + strategizing + debating Inktober! It’s been a flash since Index-Card-a-Day Challenge ended yet… that’s the nature of our kooky creative calendar, friends. It keeps going and going and we get to decide when to jump on for the ride, when to take a break and chill out, and when to refocus and reboot our own personal trajectory. There are SO many options out there in the create-o-verse that we have to pick and choose.

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Sometimes you just need a starting point!

When you are feeling verklempt and can't decide what to do, you can open up The Creative Nudge and set forth on a trajectory. I know that you are creative!!!! That is not the question. You are, for sure! But sometimes you need a starting point to break through some resistance or missing muse or hesitation or creative block or perceived roadblock. 

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zineDaisy Yellow
More Colorful Cards

You guys have been leaving heart-warming comments for many days at instagram and FB and I appreciate and read every word. I don't have the bandwidth to reply to every comment but I do my best! I am PROUD of you and I love watching your work bloom and grow with magic sparkles and glittery stardust. 

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1icadDaisy Yellow
All About Daisy Yellow

Hi there creative people!!! I used to do this kind of introductory post every year and realize that it has been YEARS since I said hello and gave you a big picture overview. So here goes. I'm Tammy, aka Daisy Yellow, and I've been blogging here since 2008. Yup! Non-stop for 10 years! 

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Daisy Yellow