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A snapshot of  the galaxy of index cards...

Thank you all for spreading  🌱💜 🦋 beauty, love, and kindness across ICADlandia. You guys are amazing! Using  your imaginary global digital camera, take a snapshot of  the glittery galaxy of index cards and take note of what is happening. It's summer and thus dreadfully hot here in Texas - so I have an excuse to chill out indoors and enjoy all of your cards! Here are just a few that caught my eye!

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The Glittery Galaxy of Index Cards

We are going against the grain, in a crazy world,
making a proactive choice to DO creative work.

It is not easy to do what you are doing! You are so kind to each other, so positive, so effervescent in your feedback! I see you guys making new friends and getting more comfortable in your art-making! 

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Counting Index Cards

During the index-card-a-day challenge there are always SO many cards flying. I hope you've been propelled into idea-land. I know it probably doesn't make sense unless you have experienced idea-land. But ideas feed ideas and suddenly you're in the thick of paint and paper and designs and patterns and then it's time to start an idea notebook. Start tracking those ideas! 

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Wouldn't it be boring if we all approached art in the same way?

Wouldn't it be boring if we all approached art in the same way? Like if we all had this goal, having our work fit into a bucket or category or label or x number of check-boxes from a particular set of rubrics.*

Your work can be folk art slash abstract slash dada slash land art. I like these possibly related words: nuance, simplify, revise, alter, polish, interpolate, arc. Grunge, geometric, gridded, gradient, gaudy, genre.

Random thoughts for today. 

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Abstract Dots on Index Cards

What's an experiment, in terms of art?  My definition varies. Trying one technique a bunch of different ways. Expanding on a technique to make it more flexible. Often changing one or more variables along the way. Testing a hypothesis. Answering the question, "What will happen if....?" Playing around with a new art material to understand how it works in various situations. How a material interacts with other materials. The limits in terms of water or layering or warping or adhesiveness or whatever makes sense. Experiments are not so much about composition or content but about process. I'm looking to push my creative boundaries and challenge myself. 

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