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Interplanetary Chandeliers

Hi there! This is my 3rd post where I share my 365 project with you! I'm multitasking, if that's the word? Batching. Grouping. Lots of different cards with lots of different things going on simultaneously. Each day I look at the cards and make a split second decision to call some of them done. This week I worked in ink again, with stitching on some cards and also a tiny bit of acrylic paint entered the picture.

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Daisy Yellow Zine #17: Kick-Start Your Art

At Daisy Yellow I focus on the value of doing small art projects every day, how sticking with your art practice helps you build your drawing, painting, collaging, design and brainstorming skills so that you can do the art that you really want to do. The focus of Issue #17 is getting the inertia to START and KEEP GOING with your art. This is a digital magazine with 26 pages of colorful artwork & essays about creative work. 

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Green clouds and ink blots.

Creative people thrive on making stuff. Real stuff. Intangible stuff. Imaginary stuff. Cinnamon strudels, photographs, patterns, apps, scarves, ceramic chop stick holders, novels, accordion books.... But having to do a specific thing on a specific day can feel stifling sometimes, can't it? It just feels like another rule. And I'm not much of a rule follower in terms of my art. 

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365 Somethings 2018: Getting Started

Happy new beginnings, my friends! It's been very busy around our house with college applications and holidays... but we cannot forget about ART!!! It is always there, behind-the-scenes, the scaffolding that keeps me balanced. I wanted to tell you all about the 365 Somethings Project I'm doing with Hanna Andersson in 2018! This is NOT your typical 365 project... BECAUSE it can done on your own schedule, NOT structured as one per day! 

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If You Can Make Jell-O You Can Make a Gelatin Printing Plate

It's easy peasy to make a handmade gelatin plate and print an eclectic stack of hand-printed papers. Gelatin prints become fodder for my collage work . Gelatin printing is calming, meditative and energizing like cut + paste therapy. It starts with curiosity, wondering what on earth will happen, playing with surface masks, and the unpredictable, imperfect nature of the output.

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31+ Notes Re: Doing Art Every Day for 31 Days

If you're a long-time reader [thank you 🦋 for that] you already know that I work in my own little world called Tammyland. From my little art desk I watch the squirrels scurrying up tree branches, defying my understanding of gravity, and I draw or paint or collage or whatever strikes my mood on that particular day. This is my official wrap-up, my lessons learned from creating a series of square inked cards every day for a month.

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Journal Flip: The Orange Journal

I've tasked myself with filming flip-thru videos for all of the books/journals finished this past year.  Most of this journal was finished in 2015-2016 with maybe 1-2 pages this year. The Orange Journal is the 2nd flip thru on the list [the first is the Red Journal]. I wrote about my process for naming stuff in The Elusive Naming Process; my altered books are typically named after the cover color of the original book or maybe the purpose of the journal.

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Wouldn't it be boring if we all approached art in the same way?

Wouldn't it be boring if we all approached art in the same way? Like if we all had this goal, having our work fit into a bucket or category or label or x number of check-boxes from a particular set of rubrics.*

Your work can be folk art slash abstract slash dada slash land art. I like these possibly related words: nuance, simplify, revise, alter, polish, interpolate, arc. Grunge, geometric, gridded, gradient, gaudy, genre.

Random thoughts for today. 

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Wonder31 #20: Tarot Card

How often do you turn your 35mm camera sideways and take a photograph in portrait perspective rather than landscape? This was the question I pondered as I looked for tall, narrow components for this journal page. I created the background stripes in this altered book with acrylics, then threw my paper stash into a flurry of disorganization looking for stuff to fit! And it all started completely innocently, with the goal of using a tarot card on a journal page. This is not what I would have envisioned -- but this is where I wound up! 

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