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Inktober: Mosaics, positivity + ribbons

A challenge is whatever you want to make of it -- use the core rules of the challenge as your starting point and off you go.

The best thing about a global challenge is that wave of positive energy that flows throughout the creative community on instagram and FB. Seeing so much art inspires us to re-focus on our own art-making. There are a heck of a lot of people drawing and mark-making and playing with ink. I'm not trying to be woo-woo about it -- but each day I look forward to yummy art in my insta-feed! It's lovely to discover new artists and new ideas. What clever things will you devise? That goes round and round. Go to Inktober 2017 No. 1 to see the full series.

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More Ink Experiments

Creating abstract works in ink on watercolor paper for the Inktober Challenge, every day this month. My process is to make an abstract base, a starting point, very quickly and at random. Then I challenge myself to bring some sort of cohesiveness to the page with more intentional marks and often words.

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A Quick Review of Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay Inks

I love art materials that are versatile and flexible, materials are inherently building blocks to art. These inks are thoroughly engaging and now happily incorporated into my creative endeavors. This month, I'm playing with inks every day, creating abstract pages, doing some dip pen lettering, and more. Each year I dive into a different aspect of ink and am always amazed to see what I can accomplish in just month of experimenting. This is the third year I'm playing with inks for the Inktober Challenge. I thought it would be fun to share with you my thoughts on these inks. So here we go!

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India Ink Inktober

Playing along with the Inktober Challenge, which is technically a drawing challenge but I'm working with ink on paper every day. This is my 3rd year participating in the challenge and I like to have a focus for the month, a technique with which to experiment. I've decided to move up to 5x8" watercolor paper {cards 1-5 were on 4x6" paper} to have more real estate to allow for even more random accidents of inky fate. I'm working quickly, making marks, splatters, spritzes, etc. 

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Inktober Part № 1

If you want to draw, try drawing whatever catches your curiosity. How about the diagonal lines in the construction scaffolding on the building across the street from work. The pattern on your curtains? What about inventing a font? All worthy subjects. I draw every day, yet I'm still amazed to see what a month of even-more-focused-work-than-usual can accomplish. 

Enter the theory behind the Inktober Challenge launched by Jake Parker to "improve my inking skills and develop positive drawing habits."  This is my second year participating.

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