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Wonder31 #20: Tarot Card

How often do you turn your 35mm camera sideways and take a photograph in portrait perspective rather than landscape? This was the question I pondered as I looked for tall, narrow components for this journal page. I created the background stripes in this altered book with acrylics, then threw my paper stash into a flurry of disorganization looking for stuff to fit! And it all started completely innocently, with the goal of using a tarot card on a journal page. This is not what I would have envisioned -- but this is where I wound up! 

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Postcards from the...

So I wanted to create something interesting with some texture. Sewing paper is one of my guilty pleasures and so I never pass up an excuse to do that! I used japanese papers {see the wrinkles}, magazine & catalog clippings, brown kraft paper, painted papers & gelatin prints for variety, but I kept most of the components fairly large on these 4x6" mail art postcards.

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PS. Grey is Not Boring

At the discount book store I found this super ridiculously wide book with glossy pages, and I was hooked, curious to see what kinds of things these dimensions would spark in terms of collage. A long line of polka dots? A collection of some sort? A row of houses from Amsterdam? In other news, I discovered the joy of neutral gray.

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Tutorial: Carving Stamps

Stamps are versatile & flexible design elements... they can add texture and visual interest to your journal pages, and they can also be utilitarian components to stamp things like the date or the number in a series. You can make a stamp design of almost anything! A monogram, the name of your blog, a pumpkin, a checklist, ducks, a symbol. 

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All of That Paper

Taking a look at categorizing & dividing the papers that we all keep. Everyone works differently, right? I don't have a gorgeous, magazine-cover worthy strategic organization system. That's not of interest to me, honestly. I just want the system to work so that I can actually make collages! And that's the point. For your art materials to be organized in such a way that you can actually make stuff. And have fun doing so. So it's divided into broad categories and then after that, into some smaller subsets. 

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Millennia Mail Art Project Wrap-Up!


Tammy's Happiness Card

We've finished the mail art swap! This was a super exhilerating project - surprisingly so! Our little postcards traveled to Texas, Sweden, New Zealand, Massachusetts, California and Florida as they were filled with color and texture and pattern. Each layer was an intriguing piece of the puzzle and now the cards are a cohesive whole. To learn more, read about the Millennia Mail Art Project facilitated by Tofu

So here's the wrap-up. Please click the links to see all of the phases and learn how much thought went into each little piece on each little card. 

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Tutorial: Make a Grid

My analytical side is fascinated... drawn to...  creating and working with grids in almost every medium. So let's make an easy peasy collage in the form of a grid, using magazine clippings and other papers in your stash. This is a great way to use tiny clippings and old magazines. The technique used in this tutorial is so darned versatile; once you try it you'll find so many different ways to use it! 

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Art Journal: Aquarius

"I like to edit my sentences as I write them. I rearrange a sentence many times before moving on to the next one. For me, that editing process feels like a form of play, like a puzzle that needs solving, and it's one of the most satisfying parts of writing."
Karen Thompson Walker

[republished from November 2014]

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