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Wonder31 #18: Circles

Opted to take this concept of circles to the dizzying outer limits of what may be the most obvious and literal interpretation on earth! No circular logic here, just circles in every shape and form. Lollipops, mirrors, postal cancellation stamps, optical illusions, berries, polka dots, beads, painted circles, stamped circles, curves, bubble wrap stamps, gelatin prints, lace, etc. 

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Art journaling is a no-expiration date coupon to ignore the rules

Art journaling is like a no-expiration date coupon to ignore the rules & graphic design principles that you are not in the mood to follow. 

When I am working in my journals, I have no illusion or goal of making anything beautiful. And I wind up where I wind up. I am making something that speaks to ME. I use colors that I like. I use images that are quirky or somehow resonate with my mind. I create the pages that I want to look at in the future. So on each page there are usually little pockets {not literally pockets but rather regions} of compositions rather than one larger composition. I do try to have some sort of visual balance - not symmetry - just balance to my eyes.

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What type of art do you do?

It's a question without a straightforward answer. At least not for me. The reality is that most of us cannot sum up our artistic adventures in a sentence, in an elevator pitch. We could say, "I'm a gouache painter." Or we could develop condescending responses with an air of mystery, like, "I explore the symbiotic relationship between millefleur and digital ephemera."

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All of That Paper

Taking a look at categorizing & dividing the papers that we all keep. Everyone works differently, right? I don't have a gorgeous, magazine-cover worthy strategic organization system. That's not of interest to me, honestly. I just want the system to work so that I can actually make collages! And that's the point. For your art materials to be organized in such a way that you can actually make stuff. And have fun doing so. So it's divided into broad categories and then after that, into some smaller subsets. 

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Make Art That Makes No Sense

Don't infuse meaning into your art. Ignore your horoscope. Use colors that clash. Start a series and then change your mind. Use non-trendy hashtags. Stick to your designated style. Draw circles with a compass. Make stuff that makes you frustrated. Allow stuff to go awry. Use obvious, cliché, campy, superfluous elements. Or do just the opposite. We all make rules for our art. Just remember to challenge your assumptions once in awhile. 

By the way, I've not stopped making index card art - no reason to stop - in fact I'm on a super serious creative roll. And when you are on a roll, just go with the flow. These are all 3x5" index cards that I neglected to share here in the flurry of the 2016 Index-Card-a-Day Challenge. Will probably need another few posts to catch up! And the cards keep materializing like magic.

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Muse30 Prompts

Muse30 is a series of art journal prompts designed to help you JUMP directly into a new journal page... a proactive jump-start and a remedy for blank-page-syndrome. As a fun twist, you can use the background of the prompt graphic {the imagery behind the words} as your prompt or you can use the word/phrase.

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Index Card Art: An Impermanent, Unprecious Art Form?

I've been mulling over some deeper thoughts about the concept of ICADs {that's the term of endearment for index cards created for the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge}... I tend to see index card art  in the same category as Artist Trading Cards or mail art. These art forms are by definition created not as permanent art or high art. To be displayed, collected, traded, gifted & enjoyed, but not intended for sale.

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