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Wonder31 #23: Batik

Surely you are thinking that I forgot about my promise to do all of the Wonder31 prompts? This week I created something to INTERPRET this prompt! I found a scrap of painted paper [with acrylics] and it seemed like a perfectly batik-like background for a mandala. And it was... batik! 

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Wonder31 #22: Uncertain

And how could YOU interpret this prompt? Start with the word. You could place it at the center of an index card and brainstorm what it means to you. Do you crave MORE or LESS certainty in your life? If you made a list of what is CERTAIN and UNCERTAIN what would be in each column? What colors would you use to interpret this word? Or the opposite of this word? 

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Wonder31 #21: Horizon

Try not to get all wrapped up in HOW you interpret a prompt. In the big picture of the universe, it does not matter. Just start somewhere. What matters is starting. I encourage you to go back to Wonder31 #1 and get started. They're fun, light-hearted prompts; they'll get you rolling and you'll enjoy your daily escapades. The prompts are here to kick-start your art. That's it. Not solve the riddles of Narnia or win you an Emmy. 

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CatchPhrase: A Challenge to Use Words in Your Art

Anyhow... I've been scheming up a new challenge! If you are like me it's always a bit of a quandary to settle on what to do each month. There are challenges at every turn, left right, backwards, forwards. You can time travel around the year by hopping from challenge-to-challenge, methinks! Whatever motivates YOU to accomplish what YOU want to do is a good thing. If you are like me, you definitely want to keep the swoosh of creativity going, KEEP creating and KNOW how good it feels to create almost every day. 

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Tutorial: Carving Stamps

Stamps are versatile & flexible design elements... they can add texture and visual interest to your journal pages, and they can also be utilitarian components to stamp things like the date or the number in a series. You can make a stamp design of almost anything! A monogram, the name of your blog, a pumpkin, a checklist, ducks, a symbol. 

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