Daisy Yellow Zine № 18: Keep the Ideas Flowing

And here we go with ISSUE No. ⓲ of the DAISY YELLOW ZINE

Still cannot believe there’s an imaginary stack of 18 issues plus a bunch of special index card issues! Can you believe I do them entirely digitally? Definitely LOVE the process of creating them and hope YOU enjoy reading!

Inside, I’m exploring tactics to keep creative ideas flowing!!! Grab the new 31 page issue of the digital Zine in full color PDF format. Upon purchase, you’ll get a link to download this issue to your computer, phone, iPad, etc. Thought-provoking articles, yummy artwork, and a very good excuse to get comfy, sip jasmine tea & chill out.

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At Daisy Yellow I focus on the value of doing art every day, and how sticking with your art practice helps you build your drawing, painting, collaging, design, and brainstorming skills so that you can do the art that you really want to do. You are your own muse, my friends!!! And the secret magic is that you just have to start somewhere… and it really doesn't matter where! 

Excerpts from this Issue

“Creative people are inundated with gloomy stories of dry spells. We start questioning our work, worrying about the creative block hovering in the distance. What will happen? Does it mean that you wake up one day with zero ideas?”

“It’s a loop, and it starts with noticing, continues into collecting and documenting, nurturing the process of returning to your ideas and notes and contemplating them. Build up your bank of experiences, possibilities, tests, and explorations. Try these proactive steps to help keep the creative process spinning!”

“Working in tiny or ultra- small format can be a refreshing change of pace! How would your approach or results differ? Can you take what you do and smallify it? Or try something new? Would a smaller version of your work make sense? How could you alter it so that it does make sense?"

"Each [index card] is a “launching point” to attach a funny phrase you discover in your stash, or maybe to figure something out? Like maybe toying with a color combination? These cards MIGHT be the base for as-yet-unknown future work or for testing ideas."

"One very good reason to work within a series is it takes “what should I do now?” out of the equation. A series is a documentation of the subtle shifts and variations within my creative life."

"Even if you only follow a tiny percentage of those what-if questions, you will be getting more comfortable following your curiosity and taking creative risks."

🧡🧡🧡 Go follow my guest contributors for this issue at instagram ➡️➡️ artists Amy Cowen and Elizabeth Titus.

I've been publishing the Zine since 2011 🧡 with issues available in the Zine section and a small assortment in my Etsy Shop.

PS. If you find inspiration for your own creative journey in the content here at Daisy Yellow, purchasing a Zine helps me know that this kind of stuff matters to you. I'm an independent artist, a one-girl team, and your purchase helps me continue to bring you ad-free content, inspiring articles, the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge and more.

PSS. To pay by credit card [rather than PayPal], use the TIP JAR in the ABOUT section [the link goes to PayPal BUT you can choose to pay by credit card] and then email me at tammy [dot] daisyyellow [at] gmail [dot] com and let me know what you want to purchase and I’ll email it to you!

super words from readers!

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"Love it! I often re-read your zines. I look forward to new ones to come. Thanks for all your efforts!"

“Brilliant zine. Full of beautiful art and insight.”

“I love this seller, her creativity, sense of color and fun! Highly motivational! Quality + awesome value! This my 6th or 7th item bought from this seller and won't be the last! She makes you want to get your hands messy and PLAY!"

“Again, Tammy has blown us all away with her thoughtfulness, design style and delivery style and delivery of wonderful information, hints & tips and prompts." 

"LOVE all your Zines!!! Tons of great info and fabulous inspiration. I have a full set and plan to continue with any new releases!" "Absolutely inspirational! I love these zines!"

"So happy I ordered these art journaling zines. Will definitely come in handy. I love it! Thanks so much! A+++"

“I like to hoard these like a magpie with little bits of rainbow."

“As usual Tammy’s zines are pack filled with colour and inspiration. I have a full set and I never fail to be inspired or led down a rabbit hole or three. Tammy’s prompts always challenge me to step out of my comfort zone."

"These are all great, especially looking at them all in a row. Great ideas I will go back to. Excellent production quality. The pages pop out at you." 

"Every page is a delight and it's loaded with creative ideas. My goal is to own every one of these!" 

"Juicy, fun, full of color and joy. Loved it!"

"Chock full of colorful and creative ideas." 

The new one ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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