Zine 16: Getting Unstuck & Figuring Out What to Do

So you are walking down a winding path through cloudy thickets and there are glimmers of sunshine, little rays of light peeking through the forest. You walk from shadow to sunbeam to shadow and in between? You check the map, adjust your compass, snack on protein bars, look at the upside down reflections in the raindrops, until you reach the next sunbeam. 

I write a lot here about baby steps and how doing a little bit of creative work every day helps you feel better and builds wild & wonderful artistic skills. Sometimes it's hard to do just that - a little bit of creative work - it feels like walking into mud! Like you've got to have a massive 17-step strategic plan in order to get back to your art. Trudge, trudge, trudge. And I've been getting emails from readers saying that they want to do art but are feeling the blahs. Or trying to understand how to get the spark back, worried that their muse has disappeared into thin air.

I hear you! And so I wrote a Zine about it. I kept writing and revising, swapping out articles, refining, until it felt good enough to release to you guys. So there's a fresh issue of the Daisy Yellow Zine and it's all about dealing with the times when the muse is off on a cruise and you are stuck without any creative ideas. Issue #16 is a digital magazine with 23 pages of colorful artwork & essays about art journaling + creativity.

An excerpt from the article Creativity Doesn't Mean That Ideas Flow 24/7, "You are human. No matter how vast your imagination or how effortlessly your work usually flows. No matter where you are on your "creative journey" or how much you’ve got your process down to a science. Here’s the thing. You need time to refresh and renew your energy, to gather ideas and give those ideas a chance to simmer."

My Zines will get you THINKING about your creativity, about your approach to your own work and about the joyous act of doing art. I talk about the oscillations of the creative process and try to put low altitude phases into perspective so that you can make the most of them.

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