You don't have to know how

did you know, you can just start?

i cut up squares and rectangles of fabrics

and i sew them together in lines

and i sew them together in odd shapes

and i sew 4 of them together in blocks

and i sew the blocks together

and then i cut some more fabric

This morning as I wound a bobbin I thought about sewing. It all started last summer when I bought a nice machine with the goal of sewing paper onto art journal pages. I didn't know how to use it so I invented little fake projects for myself. I didn't realize it then, but the trick was to see the learning process as a series of impromptu experiments. If I was trying to sew a quilt that lined up just-so, I would have given up quickly, running screaming down the street! Case in point: I made myself an ipod case but the earphones didn't fit inside. OK so I didn't measure or plan ahead. My lines of fabric don't line up perfectly. I don't care. But I made little journals that I loved. And played pretend super-mom turning little kid disney costumes into big kid halloween costumes by tearing up this and attaching to that. I tore out a lotta thread.

 Just time + practice.

So hard to see that from the beginning.

You can just start.

You don't have to know how.

When I find a good product, I like to spread the word; my sewing machine is a Janome Magnolia 7330.

Lots of sewing for DAYS No. NINE + TEN of Art Every Day Month at Creative Every Day. I didn't get a chance to photograph last night, so I am sharing both days together.

PS. Here's what I did with some of that fabric!