Yahtzee, Bridge & Scrabble collages

"An inconvenience is only an adventure
wrongly considered; an adventure is only
an inconvenience rightly considered."
G. K. Chesterton

ICAD #40: Yahtzee. 3x5" gridded index card, gelatin prints, paint swatches, stamp, etc, stitched. My thought process here was initially to make a collage that looked like a 3D die with a paint swatch, but after a few sections I went more in the direction of a mosaic. This was one of the most challenging ICADs, trying to get the weird angles to line up, especially the bottom right corner, which is my favorite part!

ICAD #41: Bridge. 3x5" index card, kuretake brush pen, gouache. I drew the card one evening just before falling asleep and then painted with gouache in the morning. The ink is not permanent, so it creates a soft blur when painted. I love playing with the blurs.

ICAD #42: Scrabble. 3x5" gridded index card, gouache, found letters, fabric, stitched. This started with a stitched grid, thinking that I could paint the sections with Scrabble colors, whatever they might be. So I painted the sections greys and blues and decided that it needed letters, and went back up to the sewing machine and added letters etc. I also discovered a box of ephemera that I had forgotten, so that was a win. 

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