Writing Textures {Inspired by 21 Secrets}


writing with a calligraphy pen and J. Herbin inks

I'm teaching at the spring 21 secrets workshop, and I'm a student too! So here's me diving into one of the workshops! I started with Silky Hart's Paint Writing Workshop. 

I painted three 9x12" watercolor pages using the techniques Silky describes in her workshop. I love that these look very different (to me) than what I usually do with watercolors. There is underwriting and different types of brush work that create a really different look.

I tried to work with colors that were more pale, but everything morphs back to vivid at some point! I find it almost impossible to create a pale page... but I like that Silky suggested just picking colors you like, not worrying about the selection.

inspired by the Painting Words workshop by Silky Hart.

I repeated the lyrics to Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfeld over + over; a song that I find inspiring. I found that writing the same phrase let me focus only on that phrase the way I was wrote the letters. This is writing to create texture. Writing blocks like these coul be graphic elements on an art journal page...