Wonder31 Prompts!

Wonder31 is a series of creative prompts. Work these in a time frame that fits with your personal art-making goals. There are enough so that you can use them in any month, but I hope you'll get started right away - this month!  As the year progresses, I'll share my own pages and index card artwork in response to each prompt. There's no time limit to this series - start when you wish and work at whatever pace feels comfy. No stress. A prompt-a-week, perhaps?

Work on any paper substrate - index card, journal, watercolor paper, altered book, composition journal, etc. I encourage you to take advantage of this time to refine or improve some aspect of your work. You might want to select a medium {i.e. work only in ink & watercolor}, a technique {i.e. refine your cross-hatching skills}, experiment with mixed media {mixing it up} or focus on the art of play, on loosening up, on working faster or slower, whatever works for you. You can share your work in the Daisy Yellow FB group.

Visualize these prompts as proactive jump-starts. 

Sometimes this infinite choice is the root of the problem, the reason for analysis paralysis and fear of the blank page. Prompts are a shortcut around those roadblocks. What is the right place to start? This might be daunting. The truth is that there is no right way to start your creative work. You can start, or you can stare at the blankness. I like to remind myself that the faster I get immersed in ideas and mark-making, the more time I have to play.

You are all taking workshops and living life and dealing with all of the important stuff of the world! I'd love to see you have fun with these - don't stress out if you skip a day because this is NOT that kind of high-pressure challenge. I trust that you will get into a flow of creative work and pursue these in a way that works for you.

Take the word or phrase, mull it over in your mind, make connections, take leaps, interpret freely, find the mood and the way that you'd like to start.... and start. Don't get wrapped up in where it will wind up. If your work ultimately makes sense of the prompt, cool. If not, I'm happy that it sparked some creative time. Let it go wherever it goes. When you post at FB or at instagram {details below}, I invite you to tell the story of the work itself - your thought process - where it started and where it wound up. Were there any tangents? Roadblocks? 

A few notes to clarify your questions.

☞ Interpret in any medium on paper, in a journal or on an index card. Collage, sketch, draw, make patterns, sew paper, write poetry, use colored pencils, watercolor, paint w/ gouache, acrylics, etc. You do not have to consider this a series - so for example you might do #1 & #2 in colored pencil and then switch to acrylics for #3 and haiku poetry.... mix & match works just fine!

☞ Work these over any time period. Some prompts will take longer than others, so it’s not going to be a one-a-day thing. Maybe "finish before the next season starts" or "finish by year-end" or "work Wonder31 whenever I get stuck in this particular journal." 

☞ Participate on instagram using #daisyyellowart

Daisy Yellow