Wonder31 #5: Collection

This is the kind of prompt that you can take for a ride and wind up almost anywhere. Any collection of like - or unlike - objects, drawings, ephemera would be fair game. But also the act of collecting, talking about the things that you collect {i.e. paper, just a guess}. You might expand to a story about how things that other people collect ultimately impacted you or your life. Perhaps you decided to become a botanist because your mom collected flower petals. Draw your collection of crystals or ceramic elephants. 

So what did I do with this one? Well, I had some trouble deciding what on earth to do. Infinite choice is my nemesis. So I decided to narrow my focus to collage, and then further to a grid. Because a grid is ultimately where I like to collect papers. 

A scavenger hunt is the perfect afternoon adventure for collectors. We had an "album collection" yet on Spotify and iTunes we have playlists. Museums divide their collection into collections, like Precolumbian Art. Museum websites include indices of their individual collections. So it all gets fairly complicated, like a concept within a concept. 

A collection is also a compendium, an anthology, gathering, aggregation, accumulation, assortment, grouping. Trash collection too. And! A collection of Frank Sinatra albums. That collection of scholarly journals or Beatles guitar sheet music gathering dust on your bookshelf.