Wonder31 #22: Uncertain

And how could YOU interpret this prompt? Start with the word. You could place it at the center of an index card and brainstorm what it means to you. Do you crave MORE or LESS certainty in your life? If you made a list of what is CERTAIN and UNCERTAIN what would be in each column? What colors would you use to interpret this word? Or the opposite of this word? 

How about some related words + phrases? Doubtful, unsure, contingency plan, risk, control, fragile, undefined, vague, problematic, unanswerable. Or... sure, guarantee, definite, destiny, precise, confident, pre-destined. 

Index card collage by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

Continuing my personal quest [which may turn out to take a year, jeez] to do all of the Wonder31 prompts! 

Oh the irony - that the prompt UNCERTAIN caused so much deliberation. I kept starting pages thinking that I was working to solve this very riddle, the riddle of uncertainty, but wound up somewhere else. And so here - a surprise for me - that the solution is wrapped up in the word CERTAINLY. In the end, I created a stitched index card collage on a 3x5" index card. 

Need a creative nudge? Go back to the index for Wonder31 #1 and simply start. For each prompt, you can get as detailed as you wish, but remember that you can always keep it simple until you want to dig deeper. Starting is the key, right? If you don't start, you won't get anywhere. 

PS. Read more about Getting Unstuck.

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