Wonder31 #21: Horizon

Yup. I haven't given up my goal to do all of the Wonder31 prompts!

Dealing with infinite choice is not my forte. I fade into analysis paralysis in almost every aspect of my life <except> art. I need to figure stuff out. To have some sort of methodology or research tool or comparison strategy.

Look - I'm usually on the developing-prompts side of the keyboard so I'll ask for a hall pass! But for Wonder31 I challenged myself to ACTUALLY interpret all 31. I want to have 31 links to my interpretations on the index page. But prompts stump me because I think of TOO MANY possibilities. Too many ideas. It's a form of perfectionism, methinks. Like all of these ideas flow in, I cannot decide which to pursue, they flow out. Like the tide. The prompt tide. 

And it's not like there's ONE LANDSCAPE on this earth. There are landscapes of dried brown grass and pine trees in the distance - harmonic layers of spring tulips rising to eternity - olive trees and rustic farmhouses in the Italian countryside - railroad tracks and electric power lines and graffiti. Where do you start? How do you decide?

Daisy Yellow Wonder31 Prompt No. 21, Horizon!

What colors? What forms? How to represent the landscape of my imagination? B&W or monochromatic or a gemstone colorway? So I thought about embroidering a linear landscape with varying types of horizontal stitches. Of overlapping watercolor blurs. Maybe a digital collage of horizontal images.

A set of horizons. An entire vista in ink. 

For this prompt, I created an abstract landscape with ink, and this also multi-tasks as set #15 in my month-long quest to create 6 inked cards/day for the Inktober Challenge. 


Just start somewhere. Because if you don't start, you won't get anywhere. As my dad used to say, "He's going nowhere fast."

I encourage you to go back to Wonder31 #1 and get started. They're fun, light-hearted prompts; they'll get you rolling and you'll enjoy some peace during your daily escapades. The world is often a difficult place. I hope this helps you take a break. The prompts are here to kick-start your art. That's it. Not solve the riddles of Narnia or win you an Emmy. 


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