Wonder31 #2: Snow Globe

It's a tiny land, an alternate universe of feathered pine trees, miniature Santa Claus statues, campy still life scenes, cliché landscapes, the characters from Monsters, Inc. The glass exterior sometimes skews or distorts the interior scenery within the globe. These kitschy contraptions can be made of thick glass or cheap plastic, and are often associated with tourist traps. But pick one up, shake it, and you will feel like a little kid again. Stare into a snow globe, watch the faux gold glitter spray down upon a fluorescent pink flamingo, and daydream. 

Tchotchke. Vacation. Gift Shop. Glitter. Scenery. Souvenir.
Snow globe. Snow Dome. Trinket. Knickknack. Kitsch. Hemisphere. Paperweight. 

"My heart lurches at the thought of the snow-globe girl waiting endlessly, with only the hope of a new snow blizzard to settle on her mantle when the next person tips her snow-globe world over. Not a gust of breeze may ruffle her skirt, not a bird may perch atop the steeple. The only way out of a snow globe is by shattering the glass dome that is its sky.” 
Amruta Patil

My daughters collect snow globes and have about 30 on display on their dressers. 


"Advice is like snow - the softer it falls,
the longer it dwells upon, and the
deeper it sinks into the mind."
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Here are the materials that I used

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint in Iridescent Silver {Fine}. A metallic gives your snow globe an ephemeral sort of glowing look. Another option is a light-colored translucent paint. You can thin fluid acrylics with fluid matte medium to add translucency. Remember that you can always do test cards to see what paint colors will be more translucent. 

Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint in Light Ultramarine Blue. This is a periwinkle sort of color, totally opaque, lovely bonus color for your collection. 

Golden Soft Gel. This is the adhesive. If you don't do tons of collage, the 4 oz will be more than enough. 

Index cards. The tabbed dividers are fun. 

Caran D'Ache Neocolor II Wax Crayons {you can use I or II for this technique because water solubility doesn't come into play here}. If you planning to get a set, I highly recommend the water-soluble {Neocolor II} as they are much more versatile for mixed media art journaling. 

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