Wonder31 #19: Text or Texture

"His own pictures were for Cézanne nothing but rungs in a ladder at the top of which would be complete expression. The whole of his later life was a climbing towards an ideal. For him every painting was a means, a step, a stick, a hold, a stepping-stone; something he was ready to discard as soon as it had served his purpose. He had no use for his own paintings. To him they were experiments..."
Clive Bell, The Debt to Cézanne

A prompt is a riddle. And this is my solution to this particular riddle. 

Get a stack of magazines and seek out every sort of typography, font and text that you can find. San serif! Old style! Black background! Orange modern calligraphy in india ink!

My first attempt, not pictured, is a series of unsuccessful gel transfers from an old book. They didn't actually transfer. Sot that didn't give me that boost of textured text that I was looking for.

And then, innocently enough, this little card came together in a flash.

Fragments from my collection of old books on a 3x5" lined, ordinary index card.