Wonder31 #18: Circles

"As on the smooth expanse of crystal lakes
The sinking stone at first a circle makes;
The trembling surface by the motion stirr'd,
Spreads in a second circle, then a third;
Wide, and more wide, the floating rings advance,
Fill all the watery plain, and to the margin dance."
Alexander Pope

Opted to take this concept of circles to the dizzying outer limits of what may be the most obvious and literal interpretation on earth! No circular logic here, just circles in every shape and form. Lollipops, mirrors, postal cancellation stamps, optical illusions, berries, polka dots, beads, painted circles, stamped circles, curves, bubble wrap stamps, gelatin prints, lace, etc. 

Circle: A plane curve everywhere
equidistant from a given fixed point, the center.

Once you start scanning your magazines and ephemera for circles and spheres and curvy type and images and things like plates? You will be hooked on circles. You'll want to do 18 pages of just circles. Fill an entire journal with circle collages. You'll start investing in circle-punches, become an expert at cutting circles with your Fiskars.

I super love how this page spread turned out! It makes me happy! This is in an altered hardback book, you know that already, right!? Beyond the idea of just DOING the work, that good experience, I want to make pages that I can look back at and enjoy. To find little amusements that I set up for myself, nooks & crannies to discover and explore. 

Another way to interpret this prompt - and admittedly a stretch - is to write a poem and dot all letters "i" and "j" with big bouncy circles. Trivia! In hand-writing analysis, the circle is known to break the flow and rhythm of the writing process. So it is seen as intentional. It can be seen as attention-seeking,  indicate a lack of maturity, obsessiveness, rigidity but also fantasy and originality. Hmmm. My dots? Usually a few letters after the i or j. Which theoretically indicates rushing, impatience, a wish to finish the work, fast writing, lack of attention to detail. So, there's that. I do not put any stock in handwriting analysis, my friends!

You could draw a mandala, the sun or moon, something spherical.

Make an illogical circular argument for or against something like Pop Tarts. 

One fine winter's day when Piglet was brushing away the snow in front of his house, he happened to look up, and there was Winnie-the-Pooh. Pooh was walking round and round in a circle, thinking of something else, and when Piglet called to him, he just went on walking.
"Hallo!" said Piglet, "what are you doing?"
"Hunting," said Pooh.
"Hunting what?"
"Tracking something," said Winnie-the-Pooh very mysteriously.
"Tracking what?" said Piglet, coming closer
"That's just what I ask myself. I ask myself, What?"
"What do you think you'll answer?"
"I shall have to wait until I catch up with it," said Winnie-the-Pooh.

The background is black heavy body acrylic paint, within the collage there's everything on earth, plus a hand-carved eraser stamp

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