Wonder31 #17: Zebra


As we all know, zebras have patterns of irregular b&w stripes. I did not technically look at a photograph of a zebra so that might explain the blue zebra stripes on hot pink? Apparently the  zebras in my imaginary world live amidst pink flamingos.

At first this prompt drove me directly into Blockland. That's a place where you cannot decide what on earth to do... or cannot come up with any decent or doable ideas. So I gave it some time and worked on other things... and then figured it out!

First I drew the pattern in pencil and then painted with gouache. Then I drew a similar pattern in charcoal pencil on an index card and painted with a very tiny bit of gouache. Here's the thing about prompts. When you look at the work you did in response to a particular prompt, it doesn't have to be an obvious interpretation. This could also be the response to "ribbon" or "dance" or "music" right? Keep your mind open to possibilities. Play with the prompts!  

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