Wonder31 #15: Chevron

A chevron, also known in some circles {pun intended} as a zig zag, is one of my favorite patterns to draw. You can use the lines of a chevron pattern to divide a space into triangles; they can be used to create a wonky landscape of peaks and valleys. Alternate the zig zags, make them acute or obtuse or whatever floats your boat. 

If you've been doing ICAD for any number of years, you will remember that chevron has been a frequent prompt. In fact, I have to remind myself NOT to keep using it!!! And is it just me, or could a chevron be transformed into an ogee through the magic of curvy lines? 

What did I do with this prompt? 

I wanted to paint a crisp chevron pattern with acrylic paint. And crisp, clean lines with acrylics can be achieved with a tape mask. So I masked a 3x5" index card with washi tape and painted the entire card with Golden heavy body acrylics, then simply peeled off the washi tape. Easy peasy, albeit messy! I waited a bit too long to peel off the tape and so some of the index card peeled away around the edges. I like that kind of imperfection because it makes it more interesting!

The card is pictured on a pink painted page, so it's sort of an optical illusion and might give YOU the idea of cutting into an index card with an x-acto to create a chevron stencil that you could then use on an art journal page. Or it might give you the idea of carving an eraser stamp in the form of a chevron that you can stamp-stamp-stamp a border around an art journal page or an index card. 

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