Wonder31 #14: Lyrics

Alas, I have been sick with an upper respiratory infection {the entire house, unfortunately, maybe the entire school...} for a number of weeks... got better with antibiotics and then way worse and yet.... anyhow, I will not bore you, dear ones. Just trust that I'm taking care of myself. Even if I am feeling yucky, I always have a strong need to keep creating. So my strategy the past few weeks has been to taking advantage of blocks of time each day where I feel better and napping every day as well. I am always driven to do art. It's not something that I've ever put on my to-do list {because, let's face it... if it's on my to-do list it probably will not get done}. 

So I hope that by sharing the art that I'm doing, it will drive YOU to have a brighter day and take that extra step to to drizzle a little extra bit of creativity into whatever work you choose to do!

Let's make a deal!!! I'll keep posting art----> and you'll keep doing art? Tell me what kind of work you are doing, it helps me know that you are reading. Otherwise I start imagining otherwise:)

Curiosity is the thread that winds up and around the margins and stitches together the magic of art and creativity.

So, all of that said, here's what I did for the lyrics prompt.

I created an art journal page in my altered cookbook replete with all of the usual suspects... acrylics, collage & neocolors. With a dip pen, lettered words to The Grateful Dead's Box of Rain. A shout-out to Eliza for the collage fodder from Poland including the stamps! I'm half Polish so the ephemera melts my heart!

This week I started posting instagram stories, little perspectives on whatever I'm working on, sending you some fresh colors and happy vibes. Instagram caps the length of each video story to 15 seconds, so here's what they look like---> 

Also, you can find me at all of these spots....