Wonder31 #13: Pencil

“First, consider the pen you write with. It should be a fast-writing pen because your thoughts are always much faster than your hand. You don't want to slow up your hand even more with a slow pen. A ballpoint, a pencil, a felt tip, for sure, are slow. Go to a stationery store and see what feels good to you. Try out different kinds. Don't get too fancy and expensive. I mostly use a cheap Sheaffer fountain pen, about $1.95.... You want to be able to feel the connection and texture of the pen on paper.” 
Natalie Goldberg

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Admittedly, I don't know a lot about pencils. So I went to Jet Pens and found that they sell a zillion different pencils. And there are also pencil grips, leads, caps, sharpeners, holders & pointers. They have a great reference page about pencil hardiness grades.

Until about 10 years ago, I used a mechanical pencil... the kind with a transparent barrel so that I could see how much lead I had left. It had a side clicker at the bottom for easy clicking. That pencil was always in my purse {and at one point, I hesitate to say, briefcase}.

These days, I draw with pencil once in awhile and each time, it's a rediscovery and a surprise. You can achieve such interesting line variation and depth and subtle shadows. It is a medium that I should explore much further. Some day. 

I knew that I wanted to draw in pencil for this prompt. But I couldn't decide exactly what! A sketch? An alphabet? Graffiti? I was tempted to stop and sketch a construction site this morning but I've been dealing with a bad upper respiratory thing and didn't have the energy! 

So here's what I did. First, I drew a face from a magazine, same face, twice. And those are earrings, not ears, I hear you giggling!

You may remember that I challenged myself to work an entire gridded 5x8" Moleskine in only black, white & gray drawing tools. And silver too. So that was the perfect journal for a pencil sketch of the flowers I've been obsessed with since last summer. I wanted to get a breath of fresh air on this 71 degree day! So I sat by the pool and drew in PENCIL. The little videos {15 sec x 2} are my instagram stories for today. 


Draw a page of faces in pen + pencil; compare the experience and the results

Use the prompt as a color palette generating tool! Yup! We're talking shades of [payne's] gray, charcoal, everything between jet black and titanium white. 

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Document all of your pencils! Your HB# and F# and #2s and Prismacolors and miniature golf pencils. I literally mean "miniature golf" pencils not "miniature" golf pencils. It's all semantics and word choice, right?

Color in your designs. I drew a mandala in PITT pen on one of the preface pages to the Art Doodle Love journal and colored with Prismacolor colored pencils. 

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