Wonder31 #12: Light

When I started art journaling I was confounded by collage. It seemed like the items were selected with such care, such forethought, such symbolism. But you know what? Not the case. There is visual balance, indeed, but this is something that you just get a feel for and get more comfortable with the more you actually do collage work.

How pleased I am that I've finished 12 prompts in 26 days thus batting about 461. A lot of folks are working the Wonder31s one-a -day and I am impressed by that level of creative gusto! If you are on the sidelines or have just discovered Wonder31, I invite you to start. Simply start. There's a list here with links to all of the prompts thus far; with each prompt I brainstorm all of the crazy ideas you can pursue along with what I created in response to the prompt. Here's #1: Minimal

Poetry by Sanober Khan. She is an incredibly talented poet!!! My daughter said that the line breaks were extremely important, and so I added | to indicate such.

So let's talk about these pages. In my mind's eye I could see [crystal clear] a page with darkness on one side and light on the other. There's a balance, right? I felt like the light needed to be so bright and so vivid that it felt tangible. I opened one of the books in process and started with collage on the right and black, payne's gray, gray, silver, etc. on the left. Then drips, just muted color on the darkness page and cheerful color on the light page. With a dip pen, I added Sanober's poem, doodles, the mandala, etc.

Don't be scared of collage.
If you LOVE paper, you will love collage. 

I'm getting curiouser and curiouser about whether I'm going to stick with this until the magic #31. How many have you finished? What has been your nemesis prompt? Your fav?

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So I interpreted this prompt twice. Here's a different play on the prompts with interconnected yet individual cards.

You could definitely work these in a bunch of interesting ways, exploring the concept & symbolism of yin yang, a list of pros & cons, contrasts, magnetic forces, opposites, plus|minus and negative & positive.

Interpreting light. Think about the moonlit path that lights our way, the summer sun sparkling on the ocean. More tangents? Illumination, sunrise, candle, lightbulb, candelabra, luminance, glow-in-the-dark.

Use the prompt as a color palette generating tool! Perhaps lemon yellow, titanium white & silver. Or pastel pink, turquoise and creamy white? You could also dig through your pens and find a white pen and doodle on a dark background. 


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