Wonder31 #11: Darkness

"In the canvas of life, a flat landscape would be pretty boring. It is the valleys and the mountains that help us to appreciate the flatlands. It is the dark that makes us appreciate the light, and the cold that makes us appreciate the warm."
Anne Copeland

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Getting Unstuck & Figuring Out What to Do

Say, its only a paper moon
Sailing over a cardboard sea
Ella Fitzgerald

You are hereby challenged to use the Wonder31s to do some playful art. Tangential connotations are just as valid as direct. So this is darkness, and this post has more blue {homonym or double entendre, you decide} than most. Sometimes, you just need a nap. But I digress.

homonyms: words which have the same spelling
and pronounciation, but have different meanings.

double entendre: word or phrase open to two interpretations,
one of which is usually risqué or indecent.

In interpreting this prompt, I envisioned a pink moon glowing in the night sky with little constellations and night-time clouds. Can you envision working in a journal at midnight in a rooftop garden of a skyscraper inches away from a clear blue sky? Like the bittersweet Eric Carle book Papa, Please Paint the Moon for Me? Related! Wickedness, an unlit path, shadows, dusk. Also, you can let a prompt lead you toward colors & materials. Here it's quite obvious! You could use black or payne's gray or gray or any dark paint... but you could also use this as an excuse to draw in charcoal or dark, grungy neocolors!!!

I think that sometimes our minds play tricks on us.
We don't always think clearly. 

“Life is easy to chronicle, 
but bewildering to practice.” 
E.M. Forster

Here are some things that cheer me up:

1. Drink a cup of tea. The importance of tea can NOT be overstated. It is a deluxe distraction. My kids actually make me a cup of tea now when they see that I'm not all happy happy joy joy. 

2. Turn on music, like Brazilian or Cuban music, or maybe ABBA. Be sure to have a Spotify or iTunes playlist that is ready to go. One click away. To ensure that you actually do STEP O1 and STEP 02 when you are in a good mood, make an index card that says, "make TEA and PLAY the DISTRACTION play list" 

3. Look at my tiny collection of tiny things like sea shells, pebbles, dice and beads.

4. Draw. Any kind of drawing calms me down and helps me focus my mind AWAY from negativity. This is my best form of meditation because I need only a pen and paper. Effort required to kick-start? Approaching zero.

5. Build a color collage in my journal. This takes a little more energy to actually start, but really just a journal, a box of papers or a few old magazines, glue, scissors.  I go on a color treasure hunt through magazines seeking out a specific color or color combo like maybe silver & blue. It's extremely engaging and always leads to something good. You could do this for the DARKNESS prompt with any color!

6. Eat a salad. My favorite is romaine, spinach, grilled chicken, cucumber, cilantro & avocados with a dressing of balsamic vinaigrette and ranch. Or snacking on mangoes or raw almonds. 

7. Paint. Watercolor & gouache are more my speed when feeling blah. Like, even with low energy I can stand and paint at the kitchen counter for a few minutes and watch the colors intermingle. This is quite meditative. 

8. Sleep. If I get to sleep early, I feel better. But I'm a night owl, so...

9. Watch movies with my kids, something like Mamma Mia or Ocean's Eleven. 

My index card was painted using the same process as Wonder31 #2: Snowglobe because, apparently, darkness looks a lot like an upside down snow globe.

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