Wonder31 #10: Ten Favorites

5x8" gridded Moleskine joural, List of Top Ten Lists by TammY Garcia

5x8" gridded Moleskine joural, List of Top Ten Lists by TammY Garcia

With prompts, you have to find a WAY through the prompt. A solution that makes sense to you but also a solution that you can accomplish with a bit of ingenuity in a reasonable amount of time.

You know, so that you can get to the next prompt. A series of prompts is like one of those tennis pitching machines, set to ultra-slow-mo, and you try to hit as many as you can. Oh the irony, my friends. I got completely STUCK on this one. And when in doubt, add fruit & veggie stickers. 

A List of 10 Favorite Things Lists

So I started last night with 10* Favorite Things List. This is a LIST of potential TOP TEN FAVORITE THINGS lists. Because you can never have too many lists and the problem was that I was trying to confine myself to just one. Lists launch lists, lists have little puppy lists, lists spark PERT charts and decision trees and lists are dynamic. {* The Meta Version}.

I thought about the list journal swap that Hanna and I did in 2012 where we made each other a stitched journal {this is something we both LOVE doing} and mailed them criss-cross across the Atlantic Ocean and then filled the journals with Top Ten lists on the same topics.

So here's what I learned. If you are trying to follow a prompt and are stuck, you've got to find a completely different track. I got mired down in an assumption. I was thinking that I should not write  list of trivial, trite, cliché things because the world is so darned serious, and my Top Ten Favorite Fruits are insignificant. Does it really matter if I like mangoes but don't like papaya? But I really love mangoes. And I really hate papaya. It's true. But here's the thing. The mango vs. papaya thing is important to me, and that's important enough to make space in my journal for it. 

So what can I volley to you? Make a list of the plants in your garden that are actually thriving, your favorite of Letterman's Top Ten Lists or the next ten books you plan to read or stick on your favorite 10 washi tapes or Ten Tweets You Wish You Would Have Devised or ten favorite book characters or ten favorite M*A*S*H episodes. Use the word TEN or the word FAVORITES or go on a rant about internet acronyms and emoji and emoticons and grammatically incorrect text chatter etc. 

PS. Here's an index to all of the Wonder31 Prompts.

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