Widget Mandala

"Knitting grants the virtue of patience.
You don't knit because you are patient.
You are patient because you knit."
~ Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

8x8" watercolor paper, mandala in purple Sakura micron (005)

Another early morning spent drawing because I couldn't sleep. I drew this with a Sakura micron (005) in my 8x8" Clairefontaine cold press watercolor journal. When I started drawing & doodling a few years ago, I never expected to become so familiar with the pens I use. My favorites are Sakura microns (01 or 005) and PITT pens (XS or S). I know how to hold the pens, know what to expect from them. Will the pen snag on the paper if I draw a line going forward? Will the ink bleed to the other side of this paper? Will a tiny drop of water from a pool splash ruin the page?  Will the edge of my hand smear what I just drew? Will the ink run out? These are solid reasons to buy quality permanent markers/pens for drawing or writing.