What's Up

There is always a lot of art going on in my world.

Maybe your world is like this too.

I've been getting happy mail from Poland ⬆ and New Zealand ☟ and Maryland ↙↙.


Making a lot of something is a really incredible endeavor. So many thoughts and feelings go through your mind, as you question your sanity yet roll up your sleeves and dig in further. Every few days I make a bunch of stitched index card collages.

This is a glimpse of my sewing space {aka half of the guest room} after making a bunch of index card collages. It is creative madness while I'm working.

I finished this stitched journal and added it to my Etsy shop. There were four handmade journals in the shop... and three have already found new homes!

I think everyone knows about the Zine! I published Issue #7 of the Daisy Yellow Zine in December, with articles + journal prompts galore. Perfect for a blueberry scone and a pot of tea. Or three. And I'm writing a post about writing the Zine!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to paint. Paint. Paint. Paint. I finished a 36x36" canvas over the winter holidays and a 24x36" canvas in January. 


After gathering an amazing team I stitched Phase I of the Millennium Mail Art project and mailed the postcards off to New Zealand. Natasha completed Phase II of the project. You can read about how she interpreted each of the 7 themes with paint. Seeing the idea come "to life" is warming my heart. Natasha mailed the postcards to Sweden where the creative Hanna completed Phase III of the project with beautifully lush colors and textures. They are looking brilliant for yet another trans-oceanic voyage back to the states. Our team = NatashaKarenMichelleRoben-MarieHanna

I'll be teaching at 21 Secrets with a cadre of amazing artists. workshops officially open on April 1 and registration is open at this very moment. Folks in the facebook group are getting quite excited to get started. If you register through Daisy Yellow at THIS LINK ---> 21 Secrets <--- I get a small payment and do a happy dance.

Thank goodness this workshop doesn't have an "end" date because I am so slow at taking workshops! Diana Trout's on-line workshop. Longstitch, 2 Ways is really motivating me to get some journals officially BOUND. I've cut my paper and the next step is to attempt the bindings. I know it sounds like cutting paper isn't much progress, but for me it really is!!!


In the kitchen, I haven't been cooking anything too exciting other than JELL-O! I've been making gel plate prints the old fashioned way. Learn how to make a DIY plate here. And now I am using little clippings from the prints in my collages.


I was happy to be part of a fun blog hop to celebrate the launch of Dawn's new journaling book Art Doodle Love.


I've been getting so many happy emails and good feedback from folks about their art journal prompt cards.

A really good decision that I made earlier this year was to leave more blog comments and I've finished 7/21 random acts of kindness, including letting folks go ahead of me in line at the grocery, chatting peacefully with the pharmacist when she was stressed out, treating the person behind me in the starbuck's drive-thru to an afternoon coffee, sending happy birthday notes, etc.