What is Your Next Step?

Taking the time and energy to add art to your day is an accomplishment! So whether you are continuing a lifelong art habit, sticking with your intention to make a fresh habit or rejuvinating a fading creative habit, go YOU.

  1. Collect a bunch of twigs, leaves & flowers from your garden and form a mandala or bring them inside to sketch. 
  2. Make a coffee date with a friend. Tell the friend about your art kick. Bring a little piece of art as a gift.
  3. Get a new art book {Ideas in Art Journaling 101}. 
  4. Reward yourself! Buy a bottle of india ink, a calligraphy nib, a moleskine journal or three new rolls of washi tape. 
  5. Photograph your art journal {not just the flat pages inside, but the edges the cover, the binding}. Photograph your stack of index card art! 
  6. Find a home for your newest batch of artwork. Hang it from an art wire across the room, pin it to a cork board, digitize and using as a desktop background, make a calendar. 
  7. Give away some of your art to friends. 
  8. If you are on a creative roll, keep going! Use the inertia. The momentum. 
  9. Make a journal page which includes a list of the experiments you'd like to try. 
  10. Would you like your next journal to be themed? 
  11. What small work would you like to try on a larger piece of paper or canvas? Or wood?
  12. What have you learned about fear? Perfectionism? How has your approach to the blank page changed? How has your art journaling style changed? 
  13. How could you incorporate index cards or small pieces of art like inchies/twinchies into your larger artwork? 
  14. Take a look and NOTICE what you have accomplished.