The weathered wall of failed gel transfers

"I have learned to release my expectations. Sometimes, you have to be content to face east instead of west, miss the eclipse, feel the strangeness at your back, and know that there will be other marvels. You have no idea. The world is full of them."
Jillian Lauren


syn·er·gy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.


I urge you to loosen up, take a fresh look at your art desk and your paints and your journals and your thoughts and realities with a fresh perspective. How can you use these tools to add more depth and meaning to your life? How can your journal help you? Just to escape from stress, that is enough of a reason to play in your journal. 

These pages are really sort of strange, aren't they? I started with heavy body acrylics and did test after test to try to get some gel medium transfers going. Trying to get the magical combination that will work. The left side is transfer layered upon transfer. None of them really worked all that well individually but the combined layering reminds me of weathered walls in Italy. I have a photograph of a pink wall in Venice that I snapped with my phone while we were rushing to catch a ferry and I loved the particular shade of grayish pink. And the pages together to me look like an airplane taking off - something I wouldn't think to paint but I like the idea and the accidental symbolism. I added the stamp because I liked the way the colors played together, and who can resist a purple stamp?