Wake Up Call

This is not our house.

We are currently under attack by a bird. Kamikaze Karl rams himself into one of the high windows in the living room, over and over. This starts at dawn. He proceeds to the side window under the japanese maple and rams again and again. Sometimes he progresses to the dining room, at the other side. It is a loud banging noise. There is nothing subtle about Karl. He's about the size of a pigeon but not one. It has been going on for about half a year and I am at my wit's end. He does this all day. We put statues in the windows to help him, and that day he fluttered up to the window and didn't bang, left for an entire day. We celebrated. Then he went home to his nest and read The Art of War and returned the next day and got WORSE. Now he is at war with the statues. So what wierdness are you experiencing at your house?