Vivid.Rainbow.Doodles v1.1


5x8" watercolor moleskine journal, pittpen, sakura micron, sakura gellyroll pens.

Drawn over the course of a week in 15-20 minute blocks of time while dinner was cooking, the kids were drawing, etc. Spreading out this type of art improves the outcome, in my mind, because each time you sit down with it, you have a different perspective. If your art budget is limited at present and you want to get started, for reasonably priced quality paper try Strathmore "Drawing" paper, it's 80 lb paper and comes in wirebound or pads. I only use one side of the paper. A problem with cheaper paper is bleeding and feathering or an inconsistent surface. The paper makes a difference. Consider spending a bit on paper and then using every inch of the page for a good return on investment! You can get a set of microns in black-green-blue-pink-orange-red 005 or 01 or thicker nibs, versatile for doodles & mandalas. Sharpie ultra-thins bleed somewhat, although my 9 yr old uses them for mandalas. Also try drawing in black micron or pittpen and color with bright markers. For lovely surface and drawing experience, save up for a moleskine sketch journal. A nice thing about the moleskine watercolor journal is that you can use both sides of the page.