Velvet ribbons of ink

The 365 Somethings Project is an on-going project, a thread through the calendar year. This is a project I'm doing along with Hanna Andersson. It is a flexible approach, where we are free to work in batches and sets and series toward a quantitative goal. 

365 inked Abstracts #119-122

Working on both index-card-a-day and 365 Somethings! Plus we have a new puppy, by the way! And I'm FINALLY writing/designing Zine 18 which should be out in the next week. I have 2 special guest contributors for this upcoming issue!!! 

This "batch" is about ribbons, maybe with velvet undertones, perhaps confetti? 

Inky rainbows by Tammy Garcia #tinyart #abstractart

3x3" ink on watercolor paper; #119-122