Vacation Spin

"spin" 5.5x8" sketch exacompta, pitt pen, altered

The girls and I are off to Pennsylvania and I won't be posting til we get back in a week. So I hope you have a fun week!!! I'll have lots of photographs and ideas to share when we get back. Traveling is always a wicked creativity spark.

We talked about what art materials we'll need for the trip. I've got to tell you that I am SO TEMPTED to take two teeny, tiny travel watercolor kits and a few brushes but I really don't think I'll use them. I always way over-think what I am taking on vacation. I keep thinking through the possibilities and it takes forever to decide. But logically, I know that with drawing materials I can draw and write. Usually we bring mini-tape, scissors, a stapler etc but we will have access to office supplies where we're staying so that's less to take. This is the first trip EVER with the girls that they've opted to leave the colored pencils at home. It made me teary-eyed.

Creative stuff for me:

  • 3 - superfine black pitt pens (can you tell I don't want to be without one)
  • 1 - fine black pitt pen
  • 10 - sakura gellyrolls
  • 1 - 5x8" sketch moleskine journal for writing or drawing
  • 1 - 5x8" watercolor moleskine journal for drawing
  • Podcasts on my ipod
  • Photos of architecture, flowers, my drawings etc. on my ipod for inspiration
  • Books (still deciding)

Creative stuff for the kids (8 & 10):

When we get back I want to make a travel journal with inspiration from Hanna's fun flip-thru travel journal video. I like how Hanna prepped the journal (ooh, with stitches...) before the trip; hopefully I'll find a few minutes to do that.  The stuff we collected in our travels LAST SUMMER is still a big jumble in a cardboard box! In fact here's our art material list from the Europe trip last year, more extensive! I think having the journal prepped gives me one less reason to procrastinate.