Urban Sketching: A Concert in Venice

“I thought my life would seem more interesting
with a musical score and a laugh track.”
Bill Watterson


5x8" moleskine, slicci pen

While in Venice, we attended a small concert featuring Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It was in an old church with high ceilings. The concert started at 9pm, and we had to take a water taxi there and back as it was at the other side of the city.  I did two sketches, the first (below) I regretted adding the dorky heads that were right in front of me, it was supposed to look silly but it looks like gumballs. So I sketched a second time (above). 

A quick shot before the concert began. The musicians came out from the left of the stage, all dressed in black. I've read many times that people remember experiences better if they sketch them so the idea was to capure the essence of what I saw, the movement, not the exact lines.