Updates from the Red & Orange Art Journals

"Be like the fox
who makes more tracks than necessary,
some in the wrong direction.
Practice resurrection."
Wendell Berry

Trying to catch up a bit on posting pages! The materials that I'm using in these altered book art journals? Acrylics, neocolors, pens & pencils & collected papers. I tend to stick with a pretty consistent set of materials!

Oh! I've {finally} joined Periscope and did 3 broadcasts this week. It's an impromptu video "transmission" of sorts where the audience can watch the live video, hear the audio and add text comments. This is a platform that Twitter launched a year ago and there's really a lot going on there. You can chit chat with others that are watching the same broadcast and the broadcaster can see the comments while recording live. It's really been energizing to try something new and really push myself; ultra-beyond my comfort zone. The videos can be replayed for 24 hours. So far I did a journal flip, took Q&A {with my older daughter facilitating the process}, and shared little journals I'm painting with gouache. I will tweet about 1/2 hour before I start each broadcast and I'll add a note in the FB group as well. If you follow me on Periscope you'll get a notification when a broadcast starts. I know that there's a time zone differential and so I'm gong to try different times of day. Working my way up the learning curve with my tripod/lights/etc set-up and by 2017 I'm sure I'll have it down pat! I really like the impermanent nature of scopes. Find me here, and also check out A is for Anika {who runs a pattern-a-day challenge} while you are at it!