Updates: 21 Secrets + Mail Art Swap

Now that I can breathe again, and we're all over our various + sundry illnesses, there's sooo much going on!

I filmed + edited videos for my workshop. I set up the art materials, put the zoom lens on the Nikon D90 and set up the tripod on the table, with the camera focused down on the art workspace. Here's what it looked like:

I shot videos while I painted, then edited the video in iMovie. Late at night, after girls + dog were asleep {the dog click-click-clicks on the wood floors all day}, I dubbed the video to explain what I was doing. I kept messing up what I wanted to say! I painted another page using the same techniques so I could share those finished pages as well. Whew! Click here to go to Dirty Footprint Studios to view details at the registration + information page for 21 Secrets. 

Hanna's Mail Art Swap!

Good news for those who love Mail Art! Hanna is running the second annual DIY Postcard Swap! I didn't hesitate to sign up as soon as I read the news on Hanna's blog. If you've seen Good Mail Day: A Primer for Making Eye-Popping Postal Art, you know that Mail Art is unique and refreshing.

Here's my post about the Great DIY Postcard Swap of 2010 - it was super fun!!! Last year after I made 10 postcards, I went a little crazy and made an ATC for each person on my list. So go read all about the swap and sign up at Hanna's blog.