Tutorial: Letters + Words

Think of a word that describes what you want to write or journal about.

What colors and shapes come to mind?

Here are the shapes I cut out of a furniture magazine for my escapades with the word NEUTRAL.

Open a magazine or catalog and go on a treasure hunt looking for rectangles to make letter cut-outs. Cut out a rectangle of about 2x2" or larger. No need to measure. Cut out enough bits for each letter, plus extras just in case.

Let's say you use the word YELLOW. Gather a wide variety of yellows with interesting textures. You might find leather buckles on a yellow purse, tulips and carpet and upholstery patterns. The word DECEPTION might trigger thoughts of deep purples and grungy cement. And GARDEN might prompt you to look for petals, leaves, green, cloudy skies, insects, outdoor fabrics, birds and grass. 

I picked one clipping at a time and drew a block letter with a purple neon gellyroll marker.

I cut out each letter and used the first letter each time as a sizing guide for all of the rest.

Don't worry about what letter will be cut from each block. I cut an extra few, in case I went crazy with the scissors, or a letter got stuck upside down to the paint container. Little clippings are always winding up in strange places.

Cut out all of your letters.

Put a glob of Golden titanium white heavy body acrylic paint on a piece of heavy cardstock.

Roll the white paint around the paper using a 2" brayer.

Immediately set the letters on the WET page however they fit best.

Wash and dry the brayer and roll the brayer in a forward motion {I worked from the right side of each letter to the left side} simply "press" the letters into the paint, so that they stick.

Here are the letters nice and flat after dry brayering. If paint gets on the brayer, and onto the letters, such is life. Just go with it!

Scoop out a blob of heavy body acrylic paints and push the paint around with your fingers. I used copper, white, phthalo blue, white and teal on this page. Be sure to wash your hands right after you paint. 

And here's the page as I build up paint around it. At this point you can just paint around all of the letters or make marks in the paint with an old pencil. Let the page dry thoroughly {this may take a few days} and then journal in gellyroll or sharpie on the painted area, using the word as a prompt.

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What word will you create?