Art Journaling: Trivial Pursuits

Pages can flow in all sorts of different directions. You can work with what you originally paint on your paper, you can use the first paint marks to inform or suggest something new and then morph or transform it... and of course you can cover your first layer of words or acrylic paint and pretend it never existed.


The very first iteration of this page was done in January 2016 when I painted a set of three strange wonky spheres with Golden Heavy Body Acrylics. I left the spheres for a few months while I worked on other pages in this altered book and other books -- didn't know what I wanted to do with them.

When I don't know what I want to do with a page, I just let it simmer. There's no rush to finish any particular page! The more pages you create, the less you'll worry about the outcome of one particular page. Maybe that's why I have so many journals in process? Anyhow! I squinted at the shapes and could see some sort of bouncing balls. Not basketballs or tennis balls but trivial pursuit holders with pie-shaped chips! The page just flew from that point forward.

PS. Finished this last July, but trying to catch up on a zillion un-blogged-about-pages.

Swinging pie charts.
Parasols floating down a canal in Venice.
Umbrellas in the night sky.
Chinese lanterns at a festival.

What do you see?