Triggering Ideas

"The First Amendment has the same role
in my life as a citizen and a writer
as the sun has in our ecosystem."
~Michael Chabon

It could start with a wrought iron gate. Shadows in the garden. A water meter. The faded sign on a bowling alley. Columns of numbers in an annual report. The label on a box of tea. The scent of starch at the dry cleaners. Or something my kids say, like, "window within a window." or "the sky is colored watermelon."

Let yourself be open to noticing things today. Take an extra second and look, listen, smell, taste.

The {sights - sounds - scents - words} trigger an idea which you can morph into something tangible using creativity and materials. But only if you NOTICE.

The pattern for a hand-carved eraser stamp, a doodle, the edging on a journal page. A new font. A unique mix of faded and saturated colors on an art journal page. The name of a character in your short story.

Creating things from your ideas is like using an unsharpen filter in photoshop. More at Step #290: Creative Ideas

Tell me... what have you created from an idea?