Travels: Prague Part One

Here's how you say "good morning" in Czech: dobré ráno. And "thank you" is děkuji. My younger daughter, DD13, learned basic Czech phrases, studied Flickr photos, online maps and read a travel guide to Prague as part of her TourGuide job. We spent 5 days in Prague, the second stop on our European tour this summer.

But let me tell you about our introduction to Prague by starting in London. We schlepped our suitcases for a few blocks and down the stairs to board the tube, up and down more steps, to get from our hotel in London to LHR. We took a 3.5 hour flight to Prague. Purely FYI for the travel-curious, London was technically a stopover and Prague the destination; the return flight was Paris to DFW. We took a humid city bus from the Prague airport to the center of town and got off in a place that looked like it was a dystopian movie set. 

Google Maps instructed us to walk through what appeared to be a hillside, and my husband and I were trying to get our bearings when one of the kids noticed that there was a potentially functional elevator. We loaded our suitcases and descended to the lower level and discovered a wildly bustling underground modern train station. It was like the twilight zone.

In the mirror at a product shop, I catch a solemn glimpse of myself in double ponytails and a flowery break from my typical black.

The next pix are of Prague Castle/St. Vitus Cathedral....

We found the hotel and by the time we checked in it was dusk. To find a place to eat I sort of cross-referenced our location with Yelp & Trip Advisor, while simultaneously trying to maximize use of free hotel wifi and minimize non-free global roaming data. No small feat when your feet hurt and everyone is hungry.

En route to the restaurant we stopped at a little mom & pop store to get bottled water for the next day. When we got to the restaurant it was closing for the night. The manager pointed us toward a restaurant a few blocks away. The city was quiet and I was nervous as we walked over to what was one of the best meals of the entire trip. Potato latkes, schnitzel, roast chicken. The restaurant was dark and there was a 3-piece band playing 1970s american tunes. We were exhausted. And we went back to the same restaurant the next night. 

By the time we left, we were all quite enchanted with Prague. 

Our TourGuide, DD13, did a fabulous job scouting out the sites in the city. We visited Prague Castle and the most brilliant, radiant stained glass windows of the St. Vitus Cathedral. A must-see. 

More pix in Prague Part Two, coming soon.