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Top 12 Daisy Yellow Blog Posts About Art Journaling

After some investigative research + questionably non-scientific calculations, I have determined that these are the most popular art journaling posts at Daisy Yellow.
{Astute readers will note that there are more than twelve.}

» 27+ Ideas for Using Words in Your Journal
» Taking Stock [Documenting all of my Finished Journals]
» The Magic of Creating Every Day
» Inktober, Looking Forward + Back
» 15 Ideas for Improving Your Drawing Skills
» Wouldn't it be Boring if We All Approached Art the Same Way?
» Let's Do Blind Contour Continuous Line Portraits
» Art journaling defies definitions
» How to trick  your inner perfectionist and become an art journalist
» Art Journaling Without Rules
» The Sweet and the Bittersweet
» When is an art journal page finished?
» Flip-Thru of The Orange Altered Book Art Journal
» 24 Sources for Doodle Design Pattern Inspiration
» Perfect + Imperfect
» About all of that paper [getting organized]
» Wonder31 Creative Prompts

Start with Art Journaling 101 » How do you start an art journal? First introduced when I launched the blog in 2008 and regularly updated with fresh content. A great starting point to understand what art journaling is all about!

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