Tribute to The Eagles

My tribute to The Eagles for Marit's Top2000 Countdown, an annual tradition to celebrate rock music that flows in conjunction with the annual countdown at a popular Dutch radio station. Thank you to Marit for the incredible effort to share her love of rock with the world by taking submissions from artists around the world and posting them at her blog. It is a labor of love, I know, and well appreciated. 


Art journal pages in a recipe book I'm altering. This page is meant to convey the mood of Hotel California. 

Here's how the page started.... abstract finger-paint play, more gel transfer experiments with a variety of papers, collage, mark-making. I like it just like this, really, it's complete and whole and makes me happy to see it. So altered one side, leaving the left alone. That's a good compromise, I think, between what you know you like and what you are curious to discover....

To get that glassy effect on the right {the mirrors and ceilings and champagne glasses in the hotel} I stamped with a hand-carved eraser stamp {stamp-carving tutorial} Then I painted a design with black acrylics. This is one of three stamps I carved this week while making dinner. Yup. Art can be squeezed into all sorts of pockets of the day. You know, while the rice water is heating up, when you have to stand-to mix the stir-fry every minute or two. Art gaps. 

"mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice..."

3x5" index card, acrylics, dip pen

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