To Grunge and Back

Detail with my favorite two boxes, the top left pink and blue.

Here's how the canvas looks right now.

Now let's start at the beginning...

11:43 am: This is one of the earliest stages, nice and bright.

11:43 am: Pthalo turquoise in the jar.

12:04 pm: This is the second phase, where i made a decision i regret... i wish i hadn't painted on the dark edges around the boxes! After that, I splashed water and wiped with a towel.

12:04 pm: Detail of the shot above.

12:15 pm: Splashe more water then put the canvas upright (I work with it flat) and let it drip, pretty grungy. Much of the paint was already dry, thus no drippage.

2:00 pm {lunch break before finishing}: Ultimately decided that I wanted a cleaner look so i painted over a lot of the boxes and changed some of the colors until everything looked good to me.

I'll set it aside to let some ideas simmer. Doodles in the boxes? A big flower on top? One thought is to do another kind of like this and so if I don't like whatever I put on top, I still have the boxes!