New Workshop! Tiny Adventure: Playful Painting in Watercolor or Gouache

"Everything about watercolor appeals to me,
but perhaps above all, the peculiarities of the medium
tend to challenge my efforts to control it...
it's more like a performance or a dance." 
John Hulsey

A rejuvenating and energizing assortment of playful, colorful,
experimental painting ideas, a chance to run + explore without rules.
And yes, it will involve rainbows.

Abstract watercolor and gouache workshop #watercolor #gouache #workshop

EARLY BIRD special!
save $20 USD thru DECEMBER 31, 2018
workshop launches February 1, 2019

Ideas will be shared with you in an approachable, open-ended format with lots of process videos... you can take the techniques on tangents as you wish. 🌟 It's not art school in any way - no color wheels - no proper color mixing - very do-able - great chance to relax and loosen up your painting and mark-making with super fun techniques. We'll also draw some patterns and do a little block lettering, practice with brush control, paint patterns, abstract forms, and get into the interaction of shapes and colors too!

Any experience level welcome - and yes, definitely beginners will love this!!!

Within 48 hours of registration, you’ll get an email confirmation from Tammy. On January 20, I will send you a login + password to access the workshop website. At the website, you’ll find a detailed materials listing and tips for deciding which materials to purchase. Basically? Paint [pans or tubes], watercolor brushes, watercolor paper, and an ordinary pencil. We’re all about painting, painting, painting!

Before registering please be sure to read KNOW BEFORE REGISTERING at the bottom of the Workshops page. Thank you!

You’ll also have the option to join the private FB group that Tammy is facilitating for this workshop. There…. you’ll find extra ideas, discussions about creativity, troubleshooting for common problems, and a positive, nurturing space to share your colorful creations! The group will open approx. January 20, 2019.

Look, it’s uplifting to paint happy stuff. Paint what you want to see in the world. Paint your own escape hatch, a patchwork of calm. Please try to find a way to do that.

Please Note: If a minimum number of students do not enroll by January 20, 2019, the workshop will be cancelled and your payment will be refunded in full.

Daisy Yellow Tiny Adventure Workshop
50.00 70.00

Early Bird Special Thru 12/31/18
Workshop launches 2/1/19.
FB group opens 1/20/19.
Creating peaceful, playful abstract patterns in watercolor or gouache.
➸ 5+ hours of video content.
➸ Private workshop website.
➸ Workshop access thru 12/31/21.
©2018 Tammy Garcia

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Here are a few of the pages we will paint in Tiny Adventure!

Abstract watercolor and gouache workshop #gouache #abstractart #workshop
Abstract watercolor and gouache workshop #gouache #abstractart #workshop

It's about the making

Focusing on the lines, the intersections of color, the positive and negative space, the patterns that develop when I paint, I found that I could breathe, and the heaviness lifted for awhile. The act of making art has been my escape for many years. So I have kind of trained myself to proactively turn to art. It takes practice to do that, to actively CHOOSE to do art, but it does work magic at least for awhile. It feels therapeutic and uplifting.

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