Tiny Museum: Student Work!

It's amazing to see all of the creative ideas sparked by the Tiny Museum workshop! We are experimenting, testing & playing with designs, patterns & paint... starting with an idea treasure hunt. The focus is on the play, the experience rather than having any sort of perfect finished work. If you would like to explore your watercolor or gouache paints in an abstract fashion, I hope you'll jump in! I love the way that each artist interprets the concepts and brings their own twist and sense of color and adventure to each page. 

My workshops are about exploring, experimenting and playing with your art materials. They will challenge you to think creatively and focus on the process rather than the finished work. Learn more about my workshops

Student work from Tiny Museum!

Carlene writes, "Labor Day I had the house to myself {heaven} and had so much fun playing with the inspirations grids. I could keep going forever. Color and pattern are my happy place."

Patricia of Magenta Matters writes, "A warm-up grid where I focused on exploring the relationship of water & paint, not so much on patterns. For me it was about noticing the tiny interactions between colors, how the paint hits the water. This was incredibly relaxing to do!"

Michelle of Lost Coast Post writes, ""That lady could motivate a snail to stand up and do the tango! Watercolor and gouache are certainly dancing together in my journal as I work through the many videos in this class. I'm sure everyone has their own approach but I enjoy working while listening to the videos, listening and following along very loosely while Tammy describes what's she's doing. Her enthusiasm is contagious and helps cut through the painful haze I am swimming through every day."

And that's just a glimpse of all of the beautiful work created by artists in the workshop. I will be doing another post with student artwork, so if you taking Tiny Museum and would like me to share one of your pages here, let me know. The workshop is open to students at all experience levels.

All student work shared with permission.

Daisy Yellow