Tiny map art!

"Maps and memories are bound together, a little as songs and love affairs are. The artifact envelops the emotion, and then the emotion stores away in the artifact."
Adam Gopnik

61 cards | 61 days

Here we are at the end of week three! If you’ve made it this far you have just finished what is historically the MOST difficult week of the challenge. It is a turning point!!!!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️ By week 4️⃣ you are in the groove, you’ve got a daily habit going and the wheels are spinning. 🌀🕊☕️🌈🏷 Wishing you creative adrenalin plus ☮️ art time each day to mentally regroup and refresh. It really does matter.

This week I created 3x5" art on index cards - my focus and muse was maps/geography/cartography. 


ICAD #15 and #17: The northwest corner of my imaginary island. "Drawn" with thread and colored with ink.


ICAD #16: Grab your flippers -- we’re heading south to study geography! Or maybe zip code charts? Thread and ink. I see regions and zones... but also some sort of dancing snoopy-like-figure.


ICAD #18: I stitched a map of a land floating between polka dot {gouache} oceans, using the irregular lines I've been drawing in various formats since last summer. It's also a play on positive/negative space. 


ICAD #19: My default color is rainbow. A little artistic escapism is always helpful for me. Just north of the fjord with the best cappuccinos, discover the epic rainbow mountains off the coast of my imaginary island. Thread and ink.

Index card art by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

ICAD #20: Stapled collage [14 staples, I believe] made of +/-4 index card dividers; some were mop up cards, some created just for this purpose, plus some watercolor papers from my 365 project. Thinking about layers of horizon, how they recede and advance, so I wanted to create a card with depth and texture.  Acrylics. 


ICAD #21: Stretching the map theme beyond the imagination with a rainbow horizon. Ink and pencil. 

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